Volk Racing wheels are renowned for their credibility in racing sports and street use. Volk racing wheels cannot be mentioned without credit to its parent company known as Rays Engineering. Volk wheels are known for being pioneers in forged wheels production and high-tech processes. The wheel brand is a major supplier to big leagues such as Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Formula One, British Touring Car Championship and many more. Volk wheel’s TE37 which was launched in 1996 marked the introduction of forged alloy wheels into the wheel industry. It created a huge buzz which gave the racing universe a broader spectrum of wheel type to explore. The Volk wheel brand has hit a whole new height in the globally competitive sports wheel industry, raking in high-performance feedbacks from race motor industries and wheel communities.

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Volk Racing Wheels and Volk Racing Rims For Sale, Rays Engineering


here is a clear difference in driving performance, lightness and strength of the Volk wheel which has made it an all-time favorite for race drivers Volk racing wheel models are highly advanced with the most intricate and exceptional technology and alloy structure. Rays Engineering raises the bar when it comes to the manufacturing of Volk racing wheels. Its specs are built with improvement on every new brand, from spokes to thickness and finishes; every forge is aimed at delivering the most daunting designs with outstanding performance and durability. The forging process of the Volk racing wheel brand is meticulous and well monitored with the latest engineering technology which consists of hot forging, high-speed cold spinning, cutting machine work, surface smoothening for an aesthetic finish, and surface coating with non-corrosive agents. The results of forged wheels are 1 piece magnesium forged, 1 piece aluminum forged, and 2 piece aluminum wheel.

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