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Homura Wheels

Homura 2X7TW Wheels


Homura Wheels

The parent brand Rays Wheels has been changing the wheel industry for years. They have had huge success with their various sister brands that specialize in details. The Homura Wheels taking the single cast to a whole other meaning. These rims are all made in Japan with the latest technology and innovations behind them. The designs are daring and really break all the boundaries for sleekness and bold ideas. These rims will look great on and sedan style car, making it stand out completely and give the driver a sense of uniqueness.

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Revwerks Wheels is an authorized Homura Wheel dealer and has direct partnerships with the manufactures. Any questions regarding ordering or fitment can be addressed by one of our sales representatives who can give professional advice on fitment. Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-587-333-7223.