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F1R Wheels for Sale At Revwerks Online

F1R Wheels

The parent company Rohana Wheels came out with the F1R Wheels over a decade ago, originally gaining traction by catering to a market of 4 lug wheels that were not available to the automotive customization market. F1R wheels experience catering to the aftermarket automotive industry has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. All wheels are available in a wide selection of colors, sizes, and offsets. All-wheel designs have two key factors in the development process high quality and affordability in all models. The dynamics and street performance are second to none. The expectation of a great wheel is the ability to navigate all terrain in any weather also a high tolerance for pressure and forces associated with the sharp turns and brakes. F1R always meets and exceeds these expectations, when it comes to street credibility you can always count on F1R wheels. Their authentic blend of retro and modern design has made a great impression in today’s market. Each design is built to perfection with perfect fitment and the most attractive finishes. The F1R wheel brand is highly recognized and sort for in the aftermarket especially among fanatics who appreciate the artistry and beauty of a wheel. Wheel communities have also marveled at the success of the F1R wheel brand which has continually awed its customers with a different look and a fresh concept. F1R wheel sales F1R wheels come with fitments from 15 to 20 with standard offsets and widths which gives enthusiasts a good variety to pick from. Each F1R wheel goes through extreme safety and performance test in line with JWL/VIA standards to make sure that every wheelset is safe for distribution. The overall quality of these rims are exceptional and are going to make any ride stand out.

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Revwerks Wheels is an authorized F1R dealer that has direct partnerships with the manufactures. We take pride in making sure that you get the best possible fit for your ride. If you have any questions regarding fitment or the F1R brand send us an email at [email protected] where one of our sales representatives can help.