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ESR Wheels for Sale at Discounted Prices

ESR wheels is a wheel company that stemmed out of necessity for car enthusiasts that want to add styling to their vehicle all the while maintaining an affordable price range. They offer a wide collection of wheels at reasonable prices. Originating in the USA and starting in the year 2014, ESR has gained massive popularity in a short time. ESR's fame is now well aware throughout the world and automotive scene one of the most popular wheels being the esr sr01 wheels.

How do ESR Wheels Review & are ESR Rims good Quality?

ESR's most famous collection of wheels started out when the brand created the cast lineup of wheels the name of the company suggests. They have two categories of wheels in store to learn more about the esr wheels weights check out this page, namely:

ESR Cast wheels:

There is another sub-category of cast wheels, as follows:
  • SR series: the features of this series is that it is of top quality and made through low-pressure casting. It is suitable for everyday use and is track-proof. It is OEM TPMS and mounting hardware compatible. Has optimum strength. All models come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, a 6-month warranty on rivets and lifetime structural warranty. The cast series is currently available in the following models ranging from : ESR SR01 to SR13. Another popular favourite is the esr sr08 wheels.
  • CS series: this series has a lifetime structural warranty and a 1-year paint warranty. Currently available: CS11 and CS15 all of the CS Series wheels are custom built to your specifications.

ESR Forged wheels:

The forged wheels are relatively newly developed, of good quality at a low price and the wheels are light-weight but strong. Two types of wheels in this category include:
  • 1-piece forged: These come with a lifetime structural and 1-year paint warranty. Currently, only two models are in store: RF1 and RF2.
  • 3-piece forged: They have lifetime structural and 5-year powder warranty. And to add cherries on top, some brand new model of this series is now available with around 24 models in store!
ESR is the haven for car lovers worldwide, everything from 350z ESR wheels to BMW is available. We offer a large variety of bolt patterns including 5x100, 5x112 and 5x120. If you require additional assistance in sizing give us a call and we can assist you in figuring out the most optimum size for your vehicle. The brand also offers a variety of wheel accessories, wheel cares, decals and lifestyle collections Lifestyle collection has some ESR labeled t-shirts, key rings air fresheners, pop socket, drip pin, and limited edition wheel coater. ESR has collections of which some are original and some are derived and yet it is very popular among car lovers mainly because of its price point and at the same time, some good quality wheels. The wheels are attractive and various designs. The possibilities are endless everything from ESR wheels gold paint to chrome is available. Don't forget to ask us about custom powder-coating.