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Enkei Wheels

The Enkei wheel enterprise is a leader in wheel production worldwide. The Enkei journey began in 1950 where they started making designs that were unique and affordable. Since then, it has become widespread credibility which has cemented its position in the wheel industry. Its formidable wheel technology has seen sections of continuous advancements and prospects in the area of rigidity and perfection. It is no news that the casting and forged designs of the Enkei brand are one of the most trusted in sports racing, this is due to the rigorous processes associated with testing and manufacturing processes. Safety is first! This is why the brand leaves no stone unturned when evaluating the quality of each set. Enkei Wheels has achieved its reputation throughout Latin America, Asia, Europe, and North America. It is particularly on high demand in Japan as numerous consumers who are big fans of the wheel brand scamper to secure various series and designs for their vehicle types. The brand produces wheels that fit into various categories, from racing wheels to luxury wheels and even for regular driving, this includes sedan vehicles, trailers, and other vehicle types. Enkei brand supplies many wheels to countless consumers in the OEM market and every set is nothing short of exceptional with high-tech features and sophisticated finishes, this is no wonder that Enkei has maintained good continued relationships with big leagues such as the McLaren F1 racing team since far back as 1995.

Every driver knows that the perfect wheel for maximum performance has to have a few features such as lightweight, rigidity, strength, and durability. Lightweight – this is a critical feature that has been made mandatory for modern wheels. The lightness of wheels allows better acceleration and easy navigation. Rigidity – it defines an overall stiffness of the wheel metal. A metal is considered rigid when it withstands a reasonable amount of weight and pressure without deformation. This is a feature that gives the Enkei wheel its high performance on any vehicle type, from trucks to vans. Durability – every wheel is expected to stand the test of time. Enkei wheels exceed standards by its anti-corrosive name and ability to survive all forms of physical agents and trauma. It truly is a juggernaut amongst wheels.

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Revwerks Wheels is an Enkei Wheel authorized dealer and has direct partnerships with the manufactures. We want to make sure you get the best possible fit for your ride. If you have any questions regarding fitment send us an email at [email protected] where one of our sales representatives can give you professional advice.