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The Company History of BC Forged Wheels

The company BC Forged has evolved to become a leader in complete custom wheel manufacturing. The parent company BC Racing that originally started in 2009 as a suspension brand had evolved into the manufacturing of wheels. Their main goal was that they wanted to make wheels that had unique designs and affordable prices. Fast forward to the year 2017 and BC forged has completely remodeled the wheel industry. Since these wheels are custom made, they take roughly 4 weeks to build from start to finish. Each wheel is custom designed for the car of choice, including bolt pattern, offset, color and many more options. Every wheel brand has a unique feature that allows for these wheels to stand out compared to competitors.

BC forged makes sure to use the best quality when making their wheels, which is why their monoblock wheels are machined using the highest quality of T6061 aluminum. In order to understand and appreciate the quality of BC products, it is crucial to know the values and advantages of forged wheels. Forged wheels have a significant advantage over the cast, as they are usually much lighter and stronger but more expensive than cast due to the rigorous process of production. There are two kinds of wheels made from the forging process; they are monoblock (one piece) and modular (multi-piece). The modular style consists of an inner rim base, an outer rim lip and a wheel centerpiece which contains openings for lug nuts. The modular having so many parts are usually held together with bolts. Car enthusiasts usually prefer forged wheels due to its strength, density, and high performance. The simple difference is just the production process, while the materials are the same. The forging process involves the production of an alloy wheel by bending a block of metal into shape, under extreme pressure. This process results in a lot of time and effort being put into every single wheel, making these wheels more expensive, but with an overall better quality.

Revwerks Wheels Guarantees Lowest Prices

Revwerks Wheels is an authorized BC Forged dealer and has direct partnerships with the manufactures. We have professional sales representatives that are available to answer all your questions and give advice on the BC Forged products. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at [email protected]