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Aodhan Wheels and Rims For Sale at Discounted Prices

Aodhan Wheels

Aodhan wheels were first started in California, Hayward California where they began developing their world-renowned alloy wheels. The name of the company actually means “Born of Fire” and is pronounced as “odd-han”. This just shows how intense this company really is in the wheel industry. The large selection of rims that they have are all great options with quality and durability as their main mission set with an inexpensive price point. All wheels are available in a handful of different sizes, offsets, bolt patterns and of course finishes.

Aodhan AH Series

Aodhan is most famous for their AH01, AH02, AH03, AH04, AH05 and AH06 wheels as these were Aodhans first lineup brought forward to the market. They originally intended this series for the JDM scene and offered sizes ranging from 15” to 19” with some of the most intense colors for the wheel world. This was the real game changer for Aodhan wheels as it got their name out and people realized just how great their products were. Over the years they began branching out to other areas that they could make different rims for every ride.

Aodhan DS Series and LS Series

Aodhan wheels made these series with the public’s suggestions in mind. This series was one of their most popular series as it allowed for wider more aggressive wheels. These wheels run even wider with 18” to 19” and with those deep lips for the widebodies. The LS series was developed for the bigger brakes that were coming into the market. Aodhan provided a perfect adjustment with designs that were unreal and unique in every category.

Aodhan AFF Series

Aodhan wheels finally created their newest line on the market known as the AFF series. This series is flow forged, which is ideal for reducing weight and maintaining the overall durability. These rims are ideal in every category and they are currently the main focus of the Aodhan brand. All Aodhan wheels that are purchased through Revwerks Wheels site are guaranteed authentic and are subject to the original manufacturer's warranty. Aodhan wheels have a dedicated design team that is always working on new wheel styles and fitments to suit the aftermarket industry. If you have a vehicle and don't have the exact sizing that is required to fit on your car, send us an email and we will be happy to try and find you a solution for your car.