Rotiform BLQ RE-STOCK for 2017

Revwerks RE-Stocks BLQ Rims

The New Year is here and with that comes some new and exciting wheel news including a complete RE-STOCK of all Rotiform wheels. Revwerks has restocked a variety of different wheel sizes for the 2017 seasons. Regardless of bolt pattern, colour and size we should have these wheels in stock and ready to ship out same day. One of the best sellers we saw last year was none other than the Rotiform BLQ a timeless wheel that really mimics some timeless wheel styles. This specific wheel is a mesh spoked wheel that is similar to that of Lamborghini’s OEM L560 wheels. Check out the picture below and let us know if you think these look similar.

lamborghini lp560 wheels rotiform
lamborghini lp560 wheels rotiform

The rotiform version of these wheel is a pretty similar style however it is available in non-super car size, the blq is available in sizes ranging from 18×8.5 to 20×10″ and a handful of different bolt patterns. Available bolt patterns include 5×114.3, 5×120, 5×112. All of these wheels a high pressure cast formed wheel and are built and quality checked by the massive wheel manufacturer MHT wheels. Check out some of the pictures below of these wheels in high resolution.

19x10 5x114.3 blq rims
Rotiform BLQ Rims 3/4 profile finished in silver paint
5x112 blq rims
The rotiform blq wheels 18×9.5 5×112 front profile
side profile of rotiform blq rims
Rotiform BLQ wheels 18×8.5 5×114.3

These wheels are available for purchase directly at the link below.