Revwerks Partners With BC Racing On Lexus IS300

We had the opportunity to partner with a legendary suspension brand bc racing on an exciting Lexus build. When you talk about perfect suspensions, the first choice for street driving and the occasional road course or auto cross duty, the name that comes in mind is the 99-05 Lexus IS-22/IS300 BC Racing Coilovers. The hesitation of buying the coilovers is completely over as soon as you see the features that come with it. The easily accessible adjustment knobs of the coilovers are for the fine tuning of your compression and rebound. Moreover, it is a separately adjustable ride height and has a performance suspension system that could not have been any easier. The goodness of choosing how low or high you want your vehicle to be (no present ride height) is every driver’s dream. The patented concave lower locking ring of it keeps the whole thing locked securely. What’s the best part?

The coilover systems are offered an optional pillowball mount to provide camber adjustment to either fit large wheels or dial in a better alignment or to sharpen the steering response. BC Racing offers all of these features in the Lexus is300 coilovers for only $995.00. It’s a great deal for a driver to feel as if they’re a professional track driver at a daily basis. The price might take a lot of people by shock and might make them rethink about if they really want to buy the coilovers or not. It is worth it if you’re searching to make your car as similar as the race tract cars, suggesting the the 99-05 Lexus IS-22/IS300 BC Racing Coilovers. The price was initially $1250.00 but the amount of good review that came in had BC lower the price of the product. The balance of comfort and performance at $995.00 is unreal. It is highly recommended to purchase the coilovers as soon as possible for a great driving experience.