F1R F21 Wheels


Easily one of the best selling wheels in the F1R wheel lineup is the F1R F21, this wheels is a classic mesh style wheels that is available in sizes 17″ ranging to 20″ With a variety of different wheel offsets colours and sizes this wheel is suited to go on any any all vehicles. Check out the available colours and sizes below.

–Hyper Black


17×8.5 5×100/5×114.3 +35ET, 18×10.5 5×100/5×114.3 +20ET, 18×10.5 5×100/5×114.3 +40ET, 18×8.8 5×100/5×114.3 +38ET, 18×9.5 5×100/5×114.3 +20ET, 18×9.5 5×100/5×114.3 +35ET, 20×10 5×120/5×114.3 +40ET, 20×10.5 5×120/5×114.3 +20ET, 20×8.5 5×120/5×114.3 +15ET, 20×8.5 5×120/5×114.3 +35ET


Gold, Hyper Black


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