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Option Lab Wheels And Rims For Sale Revwerks Wheels online

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Option Lab Wheels is an automotive wheel manufacturer that was created in early April of 2013. The company is a performance oriented wheel manufacturer that builds rims in a variety of different sizes, styles and colours. The parent company of the wheel brand is direct wheel source and has been around for over thirty years. Direct wheels source is a leader in option lab wheels and rims; every wheel is tested and built to the highest levels of wheel production in the aluminum cast wheel market. The popular wheel styles that option lab currently offer is the R716 wheels, S409 wheels and lastly the newest wheels for 2017 the S718 wheels. All of these wheels are available in a variety of different sizes. Optional colours that you can order your option lab rims in are formula bronze, Gotham black, noble grey and top-secret gold. Option lab rims are low-pressure cast and are built to specification that will meet and or exceed the American SAE J2530, DOT-T and Japanese JWL/VIA standard. Every single aluminum option lab wheel is put through an extensive test that certifies the wheel for use. All wheels are also backed by Option labs wheels internal warranty backing the rim against manufacturer defects. The Option lab team is a group of automotive enthusiasts themselves and they participate in many automotive events; you will see the usage of these wheels in many different racing environments. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these wheels and or rims that Revwerks offers please feel free to contact us directly and we can assist you with your next purchase of a set of option lab rims.