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Brixton Forged Wheels and Rims For Sale At Revwerks Wheels Online

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Brixton Forged Wheels

Brixton Forged Wheels come with their own uniqueness and stand out in every way possible. Wheels have evolved with time and with the advancements in technology, wheels have taken various forms, shapes, sizes, and material nomenclature. This has all lead to the production of highly advanced wheelsets that are built to withstand enormous pressure and has taken sporting and luxury wheels to a whole new level. Every set surpasses limitations and exudes excellence on every road type. The Brixton Forged Wheels are known for having some of the most outstanding engineers in the wheel industry with innovations which set the stage for a competitive overhaul. Quality is never told, it is experienced! The authentic designs and the performance of Brixton wheels top its peers due to the diligence and the level of skill and professionalism that only comes from years of solid experience and passion for the art.

Brixton Forged Wheels facility is well equipped with the latest technology and with world-class engineers. Each process is highly controlled and undergoes advanced testing sequences which creates an overall final product that features a curbed weight, a more dynamic cornering ability, and is compliant with the JWL and VIA wheel standards. Wheel strength is extremely important and this is taken into consideration for every forged piece. This is why the best materials are used for the manufacturing process, such as the APP Aero-space 6061-T6 grade aluminum which is certified for wheel production due to its quality in making aircraft parts. It lays a solid foundation which gives the wheels its tensile strength and integrity. Not only are the best quality used for these wheels but weight is a major factor which affects the overall performance and speed abilities. The Brixton forged brand uses a process known as “back pad pocketing” to eliminate dead weight during the wheel forging process. This reduces the total weight of the wheel and allows ease of navigation, acceleration and quick break response.

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Revwerks Wheels is an authorized Brixton Forged dealer and has direct partnerships with the manufactures. We pride ourselves on making sure that you get the best customer service and the perfect fit for your vehicle. If you have any questions regarding the Brixton Forged brand or fitment, send us an email at [email protected] and we will gladly help you out.