Avid.1 Wheels or full name Autotech Accessories Inc. originally debuted in the early 2000’s a brand that was backed and funded by the popular auto part manufacturer Tenzo Racing Sports. The company is based in Southern California and ships worldwide into Canada and all over the United States of America. Revwerks Wheels offers free shipping on all Avid.1 Wheels and we also guarantee the lowest prices on all of the wheels they manufacturer. Every single wheel avid1 builds is made with the highest level of cast wheel technologies on the planet, this includes extensive testing at the factory for problems and defects in each design. All wheels are tested and pass the highest levels of industry standard of wheel you can get. The avid.1 wheels are also compliant with TPMS or (Tire pressure monitoring sensors) as special seat is designed and implemented in every wheel to allow for both aftermarket and factory pressure sensors. Each avid.1 design is the result of and ongoing amount of hours spent design and engineering each wheels design. Every Avid.1 wheel I build individually and built with a design and purpose. The mindset of avid1 wheels is to build a wheel and rim that is a true balance of street driving and racing performance that encompasses unique styling without sacrificing performance or looks. All of these wheels regardless of whether your looking at the mesh style AV-60 or the 6 spoke AV-50 all are available in a range of different offsets, bolt patterns and colours. A couple things you can expect with all avid.1 wheels is that they are ultra lightweight available in a range of bolt colours and will set you apart from every one else on the road. Purchase a set of aftermarket wheels and rims today at Revwerks and you can guarantee the cheapest prices around on all avid1 wheels, free same-day shipping via one of our many wheels delivery services and outstanding customer service.