Being an advocate for good wheels and their brand is quite tasking, Sieving through numerous brands, staying updated with the latest reviews on vehicles and wheels fitments, familiarizing with various labels, learning about their goods and services. This is necessary in order to be able to give professional recommendations. Taking a closer look at one of the most resilient and high-tech wheel brand; the BC forged.
The world renowned brand: A subdivision of BC racing is famed for manufacturing quality wheels with high performance. in 2012, the BC forged took a leap with its new ultra-light 2-piece forged wheels and the improved 1-piece forged mono black wheel which was forged with materials of air craft grade; the forged T6061- aluminum metal. This material is known for its strength and rigidness with the ability to withstand enormous forces which are frequently experienced in racing environs. BC forged wheels stand out in looks, strength, and performance and is also race reliable. This is why the BC is a big hit in the race car world, with cutting edge wheel technology. The BC engineers super light wheels that are aggressive on tracks. These are a few product designs manufactured by BC
• 1-piece BC
• Forged Monoblack (RS series and RS series)
• 2-piece
• Exotic concave design (BX- series)
• Deep concave maximum spoke (HB-series)
• Deep concave maximum spoke signature (HB-3 and HB-R series)
• Advance concave (tm-series)
• Step lip deep concave(HC-series)
• Advance sport design (FJ-series)
• H-beam spoke structure (SN-series)
• Exclusive sports design (BS- series)
• Track & drift (RA_ series)
• SUV sedan sport car design (SR series)

BC wheels are pre-ordered and built according to customer specifications, giving each customer the exact features they desire in wheels. These features are available in various sizes and finishes of the highest standards.