2016 ESR Wheels Container Arrive’s SR08 Wheels Inside

sr08 bronze finish

Revwerks Wheels is pleased to announce a new shipment of ESR SR08 wheels has come in stock, we have 100’s of different sizes, colours and offsets available for purchase with same day shipping. If you are looking for a new set of ESR wheels for the 2017 season be sure to check out our available inventory.

sr08 wheels white finish
the popular esr wheels sr08 finished in a white paint
5x120 esr sr08 wheels silver
The ESR SR08 wheels finished in a silver paint finish available in a variety of different bolt patterns


ESR Wheels has been a top performer with the Revwerks Brand since our initial debut as a leader in affordable wheel distribution. Revwerks Wheels was one of ESR wheels first distributors for the Western North America Region, the brand originally debuted 3-4 different styles all of which were a huge success in the aftermarket community. Following the first year of production the brand released a variety of other wheels one of those being the ESR SR08 wheels. The SR08 has similar characteristics to that of a Work Emotion CR Kai wheel, the 10 spoke design is styled in a star and is available in a variety of different colours, bolt patterns and of course sizes / offsets.

sr08 rims 5x120 and 5x114.3 wheels
SR08 wheels are chrome finished
sr08 bronze finish
The ESR SR08 wheels by revwerks wheels finished in a bronze finish


The ESR SR08 Wheels are a standalone design that works on any vehicle, be sure to check these wheels out today.

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