Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 Tires For Sale At Discounted Rates

Revwerks Overview Of The Tires Potenza RE11 Tires

Regardless if you are a long term car racer, car enthusiast or street driver we can guarantee you have come across or heard of the name Bridgestone. The long time tire manufacturer has been a leader in tires for well 5 decades, leading the way in automotive passenger tires. Now the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires are probably the furthest thing away from a everyday consumer tires as they are made with an exceptionally low 200AA Compound rubber. This makes the tires wear exceptionally fast, now for the weekend warrior and or a street racer that wants to take corners at 150mph+ this could be the perfect outcome.

What the Manufacturer Summary Looks Like

Lets dive into the specs on what exactly these tires are all about, the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 is as bridgestone calls it an “Extreme Performance Summer tire” that has been designed for automotive enthusiasts and sports car lovers. The Potenza RE-11 tires were designed for traction lovers that drastically want to improve on handling, steering respond and overall control of their vehicle. Rewind a little and you probably have one of the hottest tires on the market for the 2018 season. Now one might ask why do we love the RE11 tires? Well they check all of the boxes for us, performance, quiet, increase handling, Good reliable brand, they handle amazing in wet conditions as well as dry conditions. The only downside to these tires in all reality was the fact that they do not perform extremely hot in cold winter conditions.

RE11 Technical Specifications

The Potenza RE-11 tires are the first tire in the Bridgestone lineup of tires to actually combine racing technology into a street tire. If your directly trying to compare this tire to that of a competitor or something similar than we highly suggest exploring some of the reviews online prior to making a purchase. One of the biggest competitors we saw and a great review was on the potenza re-11 vs pilot super sport. In the early 2000’s Bridgestone started implementing a proprietary technology into all of the rubber tires they produced. This tire technology was called Seamless Stealth technology, the technology was derived from Formula 1 racing, anytime your sampling racing data you are able to work with a large medium of information and innovation normally falls shortly after.

How does the Tread Peform?

The Potenza RE-11 uses a proprietary asymmetrical tread pattern that connects drivers with the ground in ways we have never seen before. Each tire utilizes a independent shoulder block that is connected with multiple notches of steel rib. This ribbing technology provides a level of reliability and stiffness throughout the entire surface area of the tire. Reducing tire roll and loss of traction, the result is increased steering response on every axis that connects with these wheels. The continuous steel ribbing is than marked out with large grooves that provide extraction of water during wet conditions. This gives drivers the confidence that the require to drive aggressively in the less than optimum conditions. The Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 is designed to mitigate hydroplaning and loss of traction in the worst of conditions.

Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 Multimedia Content & Videos

Check out this video we found online of a Nissan 370Z, absolutely ripping the RE-11 Tires on the track, these tires are a great solution and weekend warrior favourite. Feel free to check out the video below and let us know your thoughts. If you want to learn more about these awesome tires, check out the manufacturers website at this link.