BC Forged Wheels Now Available At Revwerks

Revwerks has announced a new partnership with legendary wheel manufacturer BC Forged wheels, Revwerks has a been a long time partner with the suspension oriented BC Racing that has been around since the early 2000’s. When the company announced their expansion into the wheel market we were thrilled to be apart of the movement. BC Forged wheels has hover 30 different wheels styles and 25 different colors, when you pair this up with the ability to choose custom bolt patterns, offsets and hub bores you get a legendary combination and a completely custom wheel that is suitable for all makes and models of wheels.

Our online store has been configured to the highest degree that will allow users to select the exact specifications and even options that they want configured on the wheels. A link below to the online BC Forged store is below.

BC Forged Wheels For Sale

Check out some of the favourite models as well!

BC Forged RS45 Wheels

BC Forged RS50 Wheels

BC Forged RZ05 Wheels

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