Avant Garde Wheels On Sale At Revwerks Wheels

manufacturer1} M652 Rims 20 8.5 32 Silver Machined

Avant Garde wheels has been a well known California custom wheel manufacture for well over a decade, the california based and grown business has been known for building some of the most flamboyant aftermarket wheels in the world.

Revwerks wheels recently partnered up with the wheel conglomerate to expand distribution throughout the interior of the US and Canada. A brief history regarding the wheel company is documented below, if your in the market for a set of wheel please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to get a quote drafted.

The name Avant Garde Wheels is traced back in history to the era of war and the name was given to the first line of military defence. The front liners, the brave ones. They set the place while the rest follow. This illustration applies to the Avant Garde wheel company. A company that has broken boundaries and defied norms to introduce the most innovative and exotic designs in wheel technology today. The lavish and extraordinary looks of these set of wheels proves the passion and indisputable dedication invested in the structuring and engineering of these wheels. Quality and performance is the watch word in devising techniques that optimize the looks and fitment of products: Every new production is an upgrade which supersedes the former in elegance and concept.


Avant garde wheels give that aura of perfection driven by passion. Each design and prototype is subjected to rigorous testing, scans and analysis. One of which is the finite element analysis (FEA). This testing technology ensures durability and strength. FEA test are visual computer technology used to detect defects such as weak areas that can be deformed easily by stress or pressure. The detection makes it easy for the manufactures to make necessary changes or disposals.

The technology enables optimization before the final manufacturing stage takes place. The Avant garde wheel brand never compromises on standards and are recognized by the JWL standard authority. Along with exquisite designs the Avant Garde produces the best fitments for any automobile adding that touch of style. Avant Garde produces wheels with particular specifications to suit a particular brand of vehicles. This means that whatever luxury vehicle you own, the brand has the perfect wheel for you. The Avant Garde is driven by passion and futuristic innovation which is aimed at taking the wheel industry into a golden era: “The Age of Avant Garde

Below is a couple links you can checkout of some of the more popular AG Wheels available on the market.


The Avant Garde M652 is an extremely popular wheel model that is suitable for all makes and models.


Another wheel new to hit the market for the 2017 product line was the M652 wheel, a multispoke rim that is available in a handful of finishes and colours.